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Wilderness Rd Park is the proud home of historic Martin's Station, the most authentically re-constructed frontier in America.
Hensley's Settlement was established by in-laws Sherman Hensley and Willy Gibbons. It contains tweleve homestead log cabins, one-room school house,and even a blacksmith shop.
 The grave marker of Thomas Boone the eldest son of Daniel Boone. Thomas and six others were killed at nearby Wallen's Creek by Delaware, Shawnee,and Cherokee Indians during their first attempt to settle in Kentucky.
The Cumberland Gap Park is the first getaway to the west, the Native American and the pioneer traveled this route through the mountains into the wilderness of Kentucky.
The Sand Caves is famous for its sand and legend has it visitors could see at least 21 different colors at one time.
 The White Rocks is the name of the enormous cliffs located on top of the Cumberland Mountains.
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